Sunday, September 30, 2012

Burnett County Duck Camp 2012

Ok, this is my first post ever on our blog or any blog, facebook, or twitter type thing for that matter.  All the other 250 posts have been from my lovely wife.  I made my annual trip to northwest Wisconsin to meet my Wisconsin friends that I used to hunt ducks with during our 6 years there.  They are all just as crazy a waterfowl hunter as I am (yes there are others as crazy as I am).  We hunted many the same locations we have hunted the past five years I've been heading up there.  We all did real well - we got about 50 ducks and a two big geese.

Abby and I with my limit the first day - 3 wood ducks and 3 blue-wing teal.  Abby did really good.
She made some good retrieves.  She found all my birds and many of the other guys' birds that were crippled in thick cover.

One day's hunt.  Andy, myself, Jim, and Jeremy.  The other lab is Sora, Jim's retriever. 

After the Monday morning hunt.

Got a few big geese that day.  Sure had fun.  Thanks to my beautiful wife for watching the kids to give me the time to go hunting.  I love you honey!


  1. Nice post son! Looms like you had a lot of fun with yur friends and a good bounty!

  2. Looks like you had fun and successful hunt! Good job on your first blog, too! :-)