Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Just some pictures from vacation

Our family.

 All but one of the k cousins.

My cowgirl.

 My curlicue.

 Middle sis.


 The four k kids.

These will be our school pictures for this year because I'm sure that I couldn't get anything better from a store studio! Someday I'm hoping to have one of our friends take our family pictures, but we may wait until next year. I think they all turned out fabulous and I'm looking forward to printing them out and hanging them up when I get home.


  1. Love the photos!! It has really cooled off now, you just missed it!

  2. Nice pictures, Carrie! I think fall is one of the best times for taking outdoor pictures. I know I definitely need to do some updating for my crew!

  3. Fabulous pictures! I just got the new ones put in the frame but now I want these ones also! They've grown so much in just a matter of months. I absolutely love that picture of your whole family. I think it's great that you're in front of the camera too instead of just behind it! I need to work on that.