Tuesday, September 4, 2012

K-State Wildcats

Shawn's parents took all of us to the K-State football game and everyone had a blast, even me. :) K-man is a total football nut and loved every minute! I loved the band, dance team and the fireworks that were timed with music after the game. Beside being unbelievably hot, everyone made it the whole time.

 The K-kids all geared up and ready to go.

 Our family with Shawn's parents right before we hit the road.

 We met up with Shawn's brother Eric and two of his kids. They had one home sick with a fever so Aunt Theresa stayed home.

 Almost all of the K cousins. We were only missing the littlest "k."

 Nana Yvette, K-girl, a K cousin and I trying to stay cool at the game.


 K-man and his cousin.

The whole K-State Papon crew!

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