Friday, September 21, 2012

Let the Hunting Season Begin!

It's Shawn's favorite time of year, duck hunting season! We packed him up and sent him off to Wisconsin for a weekend  of hunting with his boss from Wisconsin and a couple of other friends.

 The kids helped load up lots of pop for everyone to drink and I know Shawn loaded a couple bags of his yummy duck jerky too!

Shawn's van all loaded and ready to go. I'm glad that we own two vehicles that we can all fit in and Shawn can still use for hunting and fishing. Abby wouldn't get out of the van once the doors were open, she knew what was going on and wasn't going to be left behind.

Hopefully, the weather will be crummy (that's the way he likes to hunt), he gets lots of fishing time and time to enjoy visiting with his friends! The kids and I are going to enjoy some shopping in Fargo for winter boots and other winter clothes they need and of course we'll have to load up on some crafting supplies.


  1. You'll soon be having more duck jerky to make.... Yum!