Thursday, September 20, 2012

Life has been busy

I'm realizing that I never got around to posting more vacation pictures from out trip to KS. Here are a few of my favorite ones.

 We fed ducks, turtles and catfish bread at the Dillon Nature Center.

 We enjoyed the naturescape at Dillon Nature Center a few different times! The kids LOVED getting wet and dirty.

 The huge sandbox at the naturescape was one of their favorite locations.

They all worked together to build a tepee out of sticks.

The weather was perfect for playing at the splash park.

Nana and Papa took all 5 kids to the All Star Sports Center in Wichita and the kids had a blast. They played miniature golf, water bumper boats, laser tag, video games and raced go-carts.
 All the K-kids with Cousin A.

 Papa and Kolsen lucked out and got the fast go-cart and easily won the race against Nana and Kaylee!

 Papa, Cousin A, and Kassidy playing golf. This wasn't the little kids favorite activity, but they still had fun.

All the kids had a blast on the go-karts and would have kept going all day long if they could.
 Kolsen (It was a little bit slow for him,  but you have to be 21 to drive the big go-carts.)


 Kassidy thought she was hot stuff to be able to do the same thing the big kids were doing.

 Cousin A


We also spent a lot of time running around my parent's place in the country.

 The kids love playing tether-ball.

And yet another big sandbox!

We had a blast visiting with everyone and are looking forward to having some visitors up North sometime soon. Our time to leave always comes up way to fast!

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  1. Kelton loves the go carts at All Star Sports! We would love to meet you there next time!