Monday, September 10, 2012

The Great Hunters

K-man insisted on writing this post himself. ;)

I went dove hunting with daddy and I got one! We were so excited!!!

After dove hunting.
I got my first dove.
Karolyn came hunting too.

Daddy and I went duck hunting.It was really muddy.

Looking for ducks.
Dad built me a blind with pond plants.

The monster.
Trying to hide.
Abby fetched my first duck... a blue wing teal!
Standing by the sign.


  1. Great blog K-Man! You did a super job writing your first blog about your first dove and first duck you shot. Whew, lots of firsts here!

  2. way to go K-Man!!! Loved the post and pictures! thanks for sharing!

    1. Kelsey S sorry I don't have an ID :)

  3. Good job, K-Man! Our boys sure liked to see the pictures!

  4. Great job, Kolsen! Loved the pictures and the descriptions...keep writing more blog posts :)
    -Anne S

  5. Awesome job Kolsen! I never was much for hunting but I'm glad you have found an activity you love and can do with your dad (and sisters!) :D


  6. Great job Kolsen! I'm going to show these pictures to Callie when I get home! She will love to see you hunting! She goes with me deer hunting sometimes too!


  7. Great job of blogging and hunting! Loved the pictures! Congratulations on your first duck. Hope you have a great fall hunting season in Minnesota. Remember that those ducks like to fly south, so you better plan a Kansas trip!
    Nana Kristi

  8. Great job on the blog, Kolsen and congrats on your first dove and duck! I'm not sure I could hit a bird!