Tuesday, October 2, 2012

1st Haircut

Almost four years after this little sweetie was born Kassidy finally had her first haircut! By mom of course!

 Don't you just love all the tattoos on her face? 
Thanks Nana Kristi! I think they used the whole sheet of them up all at once.

 Her hair in back. All I really cut was the long strands in the middle. When I put her hair in a pony tail, she had a couple of strands that would hang down 5 inches below the rest of her hair. They would all curl together and it looked cute, but it always made me laugh. The rest of the curls I just left alone because I'm afraid they'll disappear like Kaylee's if I cut them off. Her hair is slightly more curly than Kaylee's was at this age, but Kaylee's ended up being stick straight just like mine.

I'm sure she'll really love me when she's a teenager and looks back at this picture. 
Oh well, just keeping it real.

When I cut hair at our house, all the girls come running and want theirs cut too, so they were pretty excited when I told them I would do all three of them today.

 Kaylee before
She wanted it cut up by her shoulders, but I couldn't do it. Someday. Maybe.

Kaylee after 
Stick straight hair, just like Mama! I ended up cutting off 5-6 inches. 
This was her second big haircut ever.

 Karolyn before

Karolyn after
Look at those waves in her hair! It has to be from a Nana!
I cut 5-6 inches off of Karolyn's hair too. She only wanted me to cut it a little, but I think it looks fabulous.

Check Please! I just saved our family $30-$50 and considering there are six of us who need haircuts all the time, I'm saving quite a bit through each year. I keep telling Shawn I'm saving all that money for when my hair goes grey and I need to have it dyed. 

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  1. Good for you! Eric is a diva and has his special place he goes for his haircuts! LOL

    Next time the girls should round up to 8-10 inches and donate! This last time, I donated to Pantene and they'll take 8 inches minimum. Locks of Love requires 10 inches.