Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Exploring the Farm

My kids love going home to KS and visiting the farm (and grandparents), but we live a really long ways from KS, so we are thankful to have friends in MN who are willing to give the kids rides and tours of farming equipment. My kids are always excited to learn how things work and where our food comes from. A special thanks to the Ronnevik family for giving the kids and Shawn a tour. Kassidy wasn't feeling well, so she took a long nap and I caught up on some work at home. 

 The big k kids in the corn field before riding in the combine.

 In the combine. The kids and Shawn had a great time taking with Knut Ronnevik's dad. I think they rode with him for a least an hour or two! My friend Gretchen said that during harvest season, the guys from her family run the combine and trucks for 20 hours a day/6 days a week. I can't imagine how tired they are after a few weeks of this schedule.

 Posing with the semi that hauled the corn to the silos at their farm.

 They even got to watch the corn come out of the bottom of the semi and in to a hole in the ground behind them. The corn was then augured up to the silo.

This was part of their corn dryer.

My kids were totally impressed and I'm sure they would love to ride again.

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