Sunday, October 28, 2012

Final Veggie Freezing Session

Do you remember this picture from last weekend?

Well, most of that produce is now in my freezer waiting for to be added to meals this winter.

 5 quart bags of brussel sprouts.

 3 stuffed gallon bags of cauliflower. The kids ate quite a bit of cauliflower this week!

 3 gallon bags of lettuce and a salad for supper this week.

 The kids helped chop up the spinach while we listened to The Family Robinson on the laptop. I'm all for multi-tasking and my kids love any chore involving sharp knives.

 The girls washing up bok choy.

 Chopping up bok choy. We'll be having lots of yummy stir fry recipes this winter. Yes, that is chocolate syrup on the table. I think we had ice cream for dessert. :) We believe in balancing healthy food with sugar packed food!

 Kolsen washing up the garlic.

 1 gallon of kale, 2 gallon bags of spinach and 3 gallon bags of bok choy.

 2 stuffed gallon bags of cabbage.

 And these two 5 gallon buckets are still in my garage. We've been eating a kohlrabi each day and the cabbage will last for quite a while before I need to finish processing it. I'm sure we'll enjoy some coleslaw and other dished before I need to freeze these.

I'll also leave most of the potatoes (a 5 gallon bucket full from previous picks) in the garage until it gets too cold for them. I don't have much room left in my freezer for bulky food, so we'll have to eat some our other food before I add the hash browns and mashed potatoes.

 2 ice cream buckets of garlic turned into 2 pint jars of dehydrated garlic. I still have the last batch dehydrating in the garage tonight. Dehydrating definitely saves space, but it's a little sad looking at that little jar of garlic and all the work it took to get it. I don't think we'll be doing garlic next year because it was a LOT of messy work.

I also made some apple butter with some organic apples I ordered.

 I still have two boxes of apples left from my Azure Standard order this month. We ate most of the first box and I'm sure these will disappear pretty fast. My kids love fruit! (and veggies) I was going to make some apple sauce with these, but I think I'll wait and see how many we eat and then make the apple sauce in a few weeks.

Overall, I'm really glad that produce season is over and we'll have the chance to eat up some of the yummy foods we have preserved.

When I say my freezers are stuffed full of yummy food, I mean STUFFED!

 The bottom basket is meat, but the rest is all veggies from our CSA picks!

 Our chest freezer is almost full too! 
This has a few chickens and ducks in it, but the rest is all veggies and fruit that we froze this year.

 One of my favorite rooms in our new house was the storage room with lots of shelving. All of my crafting supplies are on one wall and then the other wall has extra food storage for all my full canning jars. The left, bottom stack are empty, but the rest are full!

Whew! I'm so thankful that we have such a wonderful CSA where we can get quality produce to feed our family. Now it's freezer cooking season!

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  1. That is so much food!! You guys definitely shouldn't go hungry this winter!

    I love the price of azure apples. I may order more this month!