Saturday, October 20, 2012

Karolyn Crafting

This girl LOVES to craft. I'm pretty sure she could hear me turn on my sewing machine from a block away. Whenever I craft she is always wanting to help or start her own project.

This was her latest project Nana Kristi sent her in the mail. She did a great job sewing and I helped with pinning and ironing.

A close up of the water bottle holder. 
I think it turned out super cute, and the next time we make one it will be lots easier.

This was baby quilt she sewed together last week. I gave her a pack of pre-cut squares and she did her own  layout, pinning, sewing and ironing. We'll have to make friends with someone having a baby girl, because she loves sewing baby quilts.


  1. Yep, she loves to craft, sew, name it! Looks great to Karolyn...

  2. What a great job! You did super!

  3. Now that is a nifty bottle holder! Great job Karolyn! I can't wait to craft with you at Christmas time!