Monday, October 1, 2012

Leaf Days

We could hardly believe that the weather was so beautiful all week long! I'm sure it'll snow or freeze soon, but while it's nice out we are spending as much time outside as possible. This weekend we drove up to Maplewood State Park for their Leaf Days and then took a boat ride down the river. The trees were so beautiful and we had a great time together!

 Kolsen caught our only fish for the day.

The water was pretty cold, but the girls all got their legs wet while waiting for Shawn to load the boat.

We've lived in 4 different states since we've been married and if anyone asks where were from we usually tell them we are originally from KS (or NE in my case), but after 3 1/2 years living in MN I'm thinking that we might be here for a while. Ah geez, I think I want to be a Minnesotan! For sure.