Sunday, October 21, 2012

No More Veggies

No more veggies for us until next year. We had our last box pick-up on Tuesday and Bluebird Gardens had their final harvest day for the 2012 season today.

This was our haul! I think we picked a little of everything they had left except beets. 

We ended up with:

 5 gallon bucket of cauliflower

 5 gallon bucket of kohlrabi

 LOTS of cabbage

 A bag of kale and lettuce.

 A few radishes.

 brussel sprouts

Spinach and two bags of bok choy (the bok choy is on the left)

Shawn's favorite - GARLIC!

Kolsen and I have been busy working all afternoon on washing, chopping and freezing up our stash of veggies. I'll share pictures of what it looks like all cleaned up later in the week. Between homeschooling and evening activities every evening this week, we are going to be really busy. I'm pretty sure that school this week will be at the kitchen table. Kolsen managed to wash and chop up all the cauliflower and radishes and I froze the brussel sprouts. Three things down and a lot to go!

Shawn and the girls were busy working on a surprise project out in the garage and Karolyn can hardly wait to finish so I can share pictures! 

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  1. Can't wait to see pictures of how you stored all of this! Thank goodness for your great helpers!