Sunday, October 14, 2012

The Three Great Hunters

 Kolsen and Karolyn enjoy getting up while it's still dark and cold to go hunting with Shawn. They went to our friend's land near Ashby and had a great time. Shawn got 4 ducks, Kolsen didn't get any this time and Karolyn enjoyed shooting the decoys with her b.b. gun. The kids even got to have hot chocolate up at our friend's house when they finished hunting!

Kolsen showing off a wood duck that he brought home. Three different people shot at this duck so we aren't sure who actually shot it. Shawn and Kolsen got to go hunting with one of Kolsen's friends and his father. I'm sure they'll be going to hunt together again soon.

Shawn's been hunting a few more times besides this, but I don't always remember to get pictures. Our freezer is definitely filling up with duck for this winter!

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  1. I bet it was Kolsen that shot it! Glad they're getting lots of hunting in!