Sunday, November 18, 2012

Goose Hunting

The great hunters on Kolsen's first field hunting trip!

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

1st Snow and Other Fun!

The kids were REALLY excited on Monday when they woke up and found the ground covered with snow. After breakfast they all suited up and headed outside to clear the driveway. I'm not sure we need a snow thrower when we have four, eager helpers.

After scooping the driveway, I did manage to drag them inside for hot chocolate and school. The big kids went back outside and scooped all the snow in the yard into one pile, which managed to last a little longer when the weather warmed back up. I think it will all be gone by this weekend since we are experiencing some warm weather. They also enjoyed throwing snowballs at all the windows while Kassidy and I watched.

You'll also be seeing a new face on our blog. Some friends from our church and bible study needed some help with their little boy, Lincoln when their day care closed. We were originally there back-up day care and   have really enjoyed getting to have him spend his days with us. I love watching all of my girls mother him and Kolsen is excited to have another boy in the house. My kids aren't quite sure why he has to go home at night and doesn't get to come over on weekends.

Lincoln loves Abby too and she's pretty good about taking a lot of love!

 Isn't he the cutest thing? He's really sweet too!

 Everyone watching Kolsen complete one of his writing videos. Andrew Peudewa really makes writing fun and funny!

Kassidy has been pretty attached to her horse lately. It's a wearable, horse costume from Halloween and she has it on ALL. THE. TIME. Yes, even for naps. I'm thinking Nana is going to have another cowgirls on her hands.

Ice Hunting

I've heard of ice fishing, but ice hunting???

Yep, I'm pretty sure you're crazy if your gun is covered in ice when you get done hunting.

He did get his limit of 6 ducks and 1 Merganser.

The kids and I stayed home, warm and comfortable.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

A Normal Fall Week

Life's been normal around here for a couple of weeks. I've been homeschooling, cooking, crafting and playing with the kids. The kids have been busy with school, playing more inside with the cooler weather and playing with friends from the neighborhood. Shawn's been busy working, hunting and trying to keep up with all the stuff around the house.
 The kids drug up the Thomas track out this week and built some elaborate tracks in the living room.

 I've been wanting the kids to have piano lessons for a while now, but we never got around to doing it. I couldn't bite the bullet to pay at least $8/30 minutes for 4 kids to take lessons, which would end up costing us $128/month. Nope, I couldn't do that especially considering that I took piano lessons through most of high school and am perfectly capable of teaching my kids all on my own.

I finally got smart this year and put piano lessons down as one their checklist items and my kids will willingly sit up at the piano for practice to get all their school items checked off for the day. Kolsen is pretty much self directed and only asks for help when he needs it. He is so excited to show off his Christmas songs for the relatives when we travel back to KS this Christmas. Karolyn does guitar with Shawn, so I don't worry about her. Kaylee loves to play and is more of a play by ear type of person which she didn't get from me. I usually walk her through her pages and then she can play the songs with no problems. Kassidy just loves to pound on the keys. :)

Someday, I may be willing to sign them up for lessons, but for now as beginners I think I can handle saving our family $128 each month.

 Our kitchen table is often covered in school work. I'm thinking of converting our classroom into a craft room because the kids love doing school upstairs so much. In my dream house I would have a classroom off the kitchen with sliding walls so I can cook during the day and close in the mess as the end of the day.

 Shawn's been busy hunting 2-3 times each week before the water freezes over. Luckily, he has some co-workers he hunts with and they take turns scoping out good places to go. This morning they went and all got their limit of 6 ducks each.

The guys, Abby, Scout and their Buffleheads (I think).

 Shawn showing off his six ducks.

 more ducks

 Karolyn's been busy working through her Sparkies book and this week she had to pose for a picture to include with a letter she wrote to our AWANA missionary.

 We also managed to make it to the indoor skating arena today for a fun time. The kids are doing a great job in improving their skills each time we go. This time we had a little friend who attached himself to us and he set up all sorts of obstacle courses for the kids to go through with cones. We also practiced our hockey stops so we would look super cool.