Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Christmas Treats and Santa

I love Christmastime and all the special treats that we can make for the holidays. One of our favorites and easiest to do is the giant pretzel rods.
Kassidy, Kaylee and Lincoln all lined up to dip pretzels.
You're really going to let me do it??? He was so excited!
yummy...look at all those sugary sprinkles!
mmmm... these are good!
We also had the chance to visit our local library who was hosting a special visitor for story time on Saturday.
The girls listening to stories.
Kassidy decided she would rather sit on mommy's lap.
Enjoying a cookie while we check out books.
Finally, Kassidy sat on Santa's lap, which she did so she could get a candy cane. Kaylee wouldn't even get close to him which didn't surprise me at all. :) None of my kids have really been in to Santa, but Kassidy was sure she wanted to hear him read stories.

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  1. Covered pretzels are a favorite of mine, but I don't make them since they're not safe for everyone. That's probably better for my jeans size though! LOL

    I love that Kassidy sat on Santa's lap for a candy cane! I don't blame her! :-)