Friday, December 28, 2012

Kassidy's Birthday Update

We have three December birthdays in our immediate family. Kaylee's is the 5th, Shawn's is the 20th and Kassidy's is on the 22nd. Add to that the fact that we live 12 hours away from our family makes December a very busy month for our family. We usually try to get back to Kansas to see our family 2-3 times every year. This year we travelled back to Kansas on Kassidy's birthday and were able to have a birthday party with both sets of grandparents and most of the cousins.
All the little party goers!
We celebrated Kassidy and Shawn's birthdays with cake and ice cream and all three of our December birthday people enjoyed opening gifts from KS family.
Kassidy was excited to get a new quilt for her bed. She's been singing the ABCs song all week!
She also loves anything dress-up and fancy!
We also had a healthy rainbow that was a big hit!

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  1. Looks like it was a fun party! I'm glad Eric and Konny were able to make it!

    And I just noticed he totally has his shoes on the wrong feet in the first picture! Hehe