Friday, December 7, 2012

Ornaments and Books

Each year I have the kids make ornaments that we give out to our family and friends. This year the kids and I decided to do salt dough ornaments with stamping and spray paint. I'm always happy when I can use my stamps in a craft and the kids love it when I share my "real" stamps with them. The kids had a great time making them and I was really glad that Nana Kristi was here to help.
Nana Kristi helping Kassidy and Kaylee stamp out their ornaments.
The big kids whipped out their ornaments in no time flat!
Yes, I happened to get my picture taken too, thanks Nana.
Kolsen has been busy practicing his Christmas songs for our Kansas trip. Of course anytime there is music, Lincoln is right there in the mix.
Kaylee, Lincoln and Kassidy enjoying story time.
We love our local library.
They let you check out as many books as you want, which is important when you homeschool and have four kids.
They have NO late fee on children's books.
They also have an amazing children's librarian who offers a fantastic story time.
Plus, my husband loves the fact that I have my library card number memorized and not my credit card number.
Kassidy taking her turn to help out Ms. Ariel.
Kolsen helping Lincoln with the parachute.
Kassidy thought the parachute was pretty amazing.
Kaylee and Karolyn got in on the act too. Not the best picture, but the rest were all blurry. The kids all loved taking turns running under the parachute and bouncing balls on top of it.
I don't think you can ever be too old for story time. I started going when Kolsen was a toddler and all of my kids love it when we get to attend. Kolsen and Karolyn usually start off reading a book towards the back, but as the stories start they slowly move up and end up listening and participating.
One of my favorite memories of elementary school was of my teachers reading books out loud to the class, so I do lots of read alouds during our school day. We just finished reading Swiss Family Robinson and watched the movie with Nana Kristi and Papa Tom while they were here. The kids were laughing through most of it and they had a great time comparing the differences between the movie and the book. My oldest two and I all thought the book was WAY better and that's saying something, because I love the movie.

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  1. Lovely ornaments! I remember playing with a big parachute in gym class and I really loved it in elementary school when my teacher read aloud also.

    Swiss Family Robinson is awesome!