Monday, December 17, 2012

Snow Fun

The snow has finally arrived (in the past week or so) and the little girls and Lincoln have been out enjoying some of our warmer 20-30 degree weather!
We made our own little snow hill.
It would have been bigger if Kolsen was here, but it was just me scooping the snow.
We even broke out the toboggan that my family used when I was little!
Kassidy was queen of the hill.
All loaded up. I'm sure I could fit at least a couple more kids on that toboggan. I burned a few calories tromping through the front yard with these three.

Shawn even helped the girls make a snowman in the front yard. I got a picture of the creation process, but not of the final product. Some of our neighbors built huge forts, it was the perfect snow!

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  1. I love seeing pictures of your kids playing in the snow. They take such delight in it! The picture of Lincoln sitting in the sled is so cute!