Sunday, January 27, 2013

A Couple of Pinterest Projects

I love Pinterest, it helps meet my craft needs! I love all the cool ideas that other people have created and I just have to copy. And believe me, I have pinned tons of craft ideas that I want to try. It always amazes me at how creative some people are! I have even managed to try a few recipes and the kids love all the arts and crafts ideas that I get from there. I can't imagine what we did with life before Pinterest? 
 After starting this Pinterest project a few months ago, I finally got around to actually putting pictures in the frames. This project did cost me around $4 because I had all the frames and a can of black spray paint at home so all I had to do was get two of the pictures printed at Walgreens. It didn't turn out quite a cool as my inspiration picture, but I still love it. I may go back and move some of the frames a little bit closer, but I hate to poke too many holes in the wall. I was happy with this project because it gave me an excuse to break out my Cricut cutter, scrapbook paper and vinyl. The leaves, cross and Papon sign are all made with vinyl. The verse on the lower right hand side I did with scrapbook paper. Three of the pictures are even taken with our own camera. I love it when I actually get good pictures.

Any time I get near my craft table this girl comes running! She really wanted to use the Cricut cutter, but I just got some new embossing folders from Stampin' Up so we used those instead. She created some really cool Valentine's cards that she saw on Pinterest. Now we just have to get them out in the mail and to friends.


  1. I do not know what I would do with out pinterest. I don't even hardly google for recipes anymore, I just search pinterest. So many fun ideas!

    Your wall looks great! Tell Karolyn that I love her valentines too!

  2. I need some inspiration to use my Cricut....(s) - yes I have two and I barely use them. Probably a little of both time and inspiration that are lacking. I love your projects!!

    My daugther also said - geez that is not fair they have had a ton of snow - wish we could get a winter here in Kansas!!

  3. Hi Guys!
    We love your blog!
    We are having fun in Texas.

    See you soon.

    Sue & Al