Saturday, January 12, 2013

Doing Chores With Nana

While on vacation the girls helped Nana do some of her chores. The girls loved helping clean out the horse stalls. I'm sure the fun factor wouldn't last if they had to do it everyday, but they love helping Nana out! This was my very first time to scoop manure (which my husband couldn't believe, but I am  a city girl) although I've scooped plenty of dog doo.
Kassidy and Nana used the tractor to move the manure.
Kassidy loved helping clean out the stalls.
We did have to wash all our snow gear before we came home.
Kaylee helping.
Cowgirl Karolyn is an old hand at cleaning out the stalls.
If she's not inside crafting with Nana you can bet you will find her out by the barn.

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