Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Indoor and Outdoor Fun

We've had a variety of weather this week. Some days have been a high of -5 (without the wind chill) and other days have been up in the lower 30s. On Tuesday night we got around 8 inches of beautiful snow and I knew it was going to be pretty frigid weather the rest of the week, so we all spent the day playing outside. Our front yard looks like a bomb went off. I don't think there is any snow that we left untouched. Almost all the kids in our neighborhood were over at some point during the day to create forts and have snowball fights.

First thing in the morning these guys watched to snow plow go by 3 or 4 times down our little street.
 We I got up in the morning around 7:00 this is what I saw out my front window. Kolsen had set his alarm clock for 6:05 so he could help daddy shovel the driveway and then he went to work on the fort. Notice the path that he had to shovel in the snow to get out to the fort?

 Lincoln LOVES to be outside with all the big kids!

 Most of the kids, plus a neighbor in the snow fort.

 Kassidy digging a new path.

 Snow angels
 Hey buddy!

 All the kids enjoyed walking the maze of paths through the front yard.

 They even have a tunnel you have to crawl through to get in their fort. No adults allowed in this fort.

And on those days when it's -5, we stay inside.

LT likes Abby and she is such a good dog about putting up with just about anything!
The kids also love wearing off some energy in the bounce house. This was LT's first time bouncing and he figured it out pretty quick.
Of course today we were back to the daily school grind and we did get quite a lot of work done. The big 3 kids spent some time outside spelling "snow" in the backyard, and starting another fort too. 

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  1. That is a lot of snow! I love to shovel too, but maybe because it's just a novelty for us. LOL You guys always manage to have tons of fun no matter what the weather.