Thursday, January 17, 2013

Saving Money in Fargo, ND

We've had an incredibly busy couple of weeks since we've come back from vacation.

Shawn's been catching up on 100s of emails and voicemail messages at work and enjoying some much needed days in the office to work on paperwork. I think he's especially thankful for some office time since our weather has been pretty chilly.

The kids and I have been doing school, babysitting Lincoln and all our other daily life activities. The kids jumped right back into the school schedule and have been enjoying life back to normal (at least normal for us) Lincoln's actually been sick for the past three days and my kids aren't sure what to do without their little friend tailing them through their days. We're hoping he gets well soon so he can come back and play.

We've also been to:
dance class
Bible study
ice skating
story time at the library
building snow forts
 and swim and gym (tomorrow)

Now on to the saving money portion of the post. Today we spent the day in Fargo and did some shopping. Our first stop was at Kohls where I had a few returns. I wasn't able to find anything we needed to buy so I came home with a $15 store card. I hope they come out with their summer clothes soon because I would really like to get a new swimsuit and cover up for our Hawaii trip.

Our next stop wasn't quite so frugal, but I love Schlotzky's and we did earn a free sandwich for our next stop by using their punch card. We spent $30 and came home with 1/2 a sandwich for Shawn's lunch tomorrow.

After our tummy's were full we made a quick stop at Sunmart to use some coupons I had printed out. I love visiting to print out their Our Family generic brand and Nash Brothers organic coupons. We spend around $40 and saved 33%. My favorite buys were the 3 packages of organic pasta  for $1.50 and the free organic peanut butter and 2 more bags of organic pasta that I got for taking a quick survey online to earn a free $5 off coupon. We also got a $0.15 off/gallon of gas coupon to use, which is accepted at almost any gas station in town.

Next we made a quick stop at Joanns and I spent only $4. Amazing for me! I bought one pack of paper which I plan on using next month, visiting my friend Heather in WI. I also used a 50% off coupon to get the kids a large perler bead board.

Shawn had an appointment at the dermatologist for some spots on his hand, so we read books and did school work in the waiting room while he was in with the doctor. He paid his $35 co-pay with a gift card we had from taking an short online survey with our health insurance. Yeah for free doctor's visits. I still have my card to use and I'm hoping I don't have to use it any time soon.  Shawn's spots weren't anything to worry about, he's just getting old and spends LOTS of time outside.

Shawn also made a quick trip at Gander Mountain because he had a coupon for a free gun cleaning. He dropped off his gun that his dad bought him when he was in 8th grade and we'll pick it up when we go back to Fargo next month.

Then we walked through the HOM furniture store and didn't buy anything! Whew! I saw lots of cool things that I would love to have in my house, but I didn't love anything enough to spend our furniture money we have saved up.

Our last stop for the day was Culvers, where we got 5 free cups of ice cream with toppings from all the Scoopie coupons I saved up from kids meals.

Overall, I thought we did a great job saving money while buying things we needed (and wanted). We also had a blast spending time together and doing a little car schooling.

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