Monday, February 11, 2013


Right after we got back from Fargo on Saturday night it started to snow, and it snowed all night, and it snowed all day Sunday, and it snowed all night again! It was definitely blizzard conditions. We did manage to walk the 1/2 block to church to listen to our friend preach, but snowed 4 inches in the hour while we were gone. It was a snowy, windy walk home.
 The view from our front window on Sunday afternoon.

 The same view on Monday after all the snow.

 Lucky for Shawn, when the school district cancels school, his office also closes for the day. So instead of working at work, he spent most of the day blowing snow, shoveling and raking the roof. The snow in the backyard was definitely over a foot deep.

 Kaylee taking a rest on the edge of the snow in the backyard.

 The snow was blown around quite a bit by the high winds, so the back of our house was plastered with snow and the backside of the roof was drifted high with snow.

 Shawn used his roof rake to find the vents, to keep them from getting plugged.

 Karolyn, Kaylee, Katie and LT in the snow fort room. The kids have worked hard creating a whole room inside their snow fort. I think they all fit inside this dugout room together. I wish I could have got a better picture. I couldn't believe how big it was!

 Shawn, Kassidy and Kaylee showing off the pile on the West side of the driveway.

The view of our house from the neighbor's driveway.


  1. Now that looks like Minnesota and a whole lot of fun! Stay warm and bring on the hot chocolate!

  2. When you first wrote this post, I would have said I'm glad we'll never see that much now. Buuuut, apparently I was wrong! Thankfully, it melts fast here!