Friday, February 22, 2013

Our Wisconsin Family

This past weekend the kids and I travelled back to Wisconsin to visit with some of our favorite friends, who we consider to be part of our family. We stayed for 4 nights and 5 days at my friend Heather's house, who used to live just a few houses down the road from us. Thank goodness they were able to keep us a few extra days due to the bad winter weather in WI and MN. Driving around Waupun made me remember how much we miss our old neighborhood and neighbors! While Heather and I were busy stamping cards our kids enjoyed playing together. It always amazes us that our 6 kids can play together for hours on end together and not fight.
 My 4 K-kids, Heather's boys (L) Adam and David (R) and in the brown shirt is Callie, a lovely little angel that I used to babysit. I wish I could have snuck all 3 of them back with us to MN!

 Heather and I with our stash of cards. We each ended up with over 120 cards EACH.
My girls all wondered in and out making some cards/projects throughout the weekend.
I'm finally getting smart and posting pictures of the cards we made on my blog so I can recreate them. I always hesitate to give the last card of a type away in case I want to make it again, so now I won't have that problem. We ended up making 25 different types of cards. We usually pick one card we like and then make 6-10 of that card to split between us. We found a few ideas on Pinterest (check out my card board or vinyl projects board. The other place we got our ideas from is a place called, I love that website because you can look up the stamp set you want to use and see what highly talented people have done with it. I don't usually create my own cards, I like to copy what other people have done.

Now we just have to wait for this summer so we can get together again. Six months seems like a long time to wait!

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  1. So glad you were able to make a visit to see your friends. All the cards look great! I wish we would have had time for crafting when you guys were here for Christmas. One of my friends and I are planning a card making get together over Spring Break. We may have to steal some of your cute designs!