Monday, February 25, 2013

Yet Another Homeschool Day

We've been enjoying our winter weather this year. I love winter because we seem to get lots of school work done and there are lots of fun winter activities to do. My kids still spend hours outside every day playing in the snow after we spend the morning working through our school work. If the older kids work hard they can usually get done with all their school work around lunch time.
Today we didn't have LT with us, so we rushed through all our school work during the morning and then checked out books from the library. After lunch the big kids finished up writing and then all the kids helped me paint the downstairs bathroom walls. We finished just in time to run by Spidahl's Ski Gaard with Shawn after he got off work. Whew! I don't think any day is typical for us, life always seems to throw things our way that we just have to fit into our schedule.
Pictures from our afternoon at Spidahls. Shawn had fun and for the first time he didn't fall one time and I bit the dust numerous times following the big kids around the trails.

 Kaylee is in the foreground and Shawn, Kolsen and Karolyn are on a different trail right in front of the trees up on the hill. They look like tree stumps and are hard to see.

Doing things on my own would probably be faster and cleaner, but I know that my kids LOVE helping out with chores, so this afternoon I let all the kids help me paint the walls in the bathroom  downstairs. (They didn't all help at once, I'm not that crazy!) They had fun and did a great job too.


  1. Lots of hard workers...and that's how they experience! I personally am tired of snow after 30" in a week.....we are both tired and sore! looks like fun on the slopes though.

  2. I'm not sure I would be very good at skiing! Next time, have Shawn take a pic of you too!

    Looks like the kiddos did a good job painting the walls! You're a great momma for taking the time to let them help!