Sunday, March 31, 2013

Hawaii #2

I promise this is the last post on Hawaii. Did I mention how much fun we had? 9 days and 8 nights of vacation with no responsibilities or anything that we had to do. It was wonderful!
 We spent quite a bit of time hiking up dangerous, steep and muddy trails.
All the trails in Kauai either go up or down!

 This hike was right along the north shore, if we fell of the trail we would have been in the ocean.

 The lookout down to Ke'e beach, where the trail started. This was the perfect spot to watch for whales and have a quick snack.

 After crossing a river at the end of our hike we reached this beautiful beach where people had stacked rocks in towers.

 Is there really a trail here?
Our next hike was up the Sleeping Giant, which was about 4 miles from our hotel.

 Yes, those are other crazy people going up the trail ahead of us.

 Shawn standing along the top of Sleeping Giant.

 That rock in the picture behind Shawn is where he was standing in the previous picture. It was high and steep! Have I mentioned that I have a serious problem with heights?

 A new dress and lei for our trip.

 It wouldn't be a true vacation without picking up fabric for my mom and the girls from a quilt store. This store had an amazing amount of beautiful batik fabrics.

Shawn decided to cross this hanging bridge over a river. I stayed behind to take a picture. He made it about halfway across before he decided it was a little to rickety to cross.
 The last two days of the trip we spent exploring the west side of the island and the beautiful trails of Waimea Canyon State Park.
 The view from all the lookouts were amazing.

 It was like the Grand Canyon! I couldn't believe how deep it was.

 Trying out the Canyon Rim trail. It was like a giant, mud slipper slid and if you sent off the side you would drop a few thousand feet.

 This picture is looking back at the slip and slide section right at the beginning of the trial.

 They had lots of rain while we were there, so we saw lots of waterfalls.

 Narrow and washed out? Sounds good to me.
This sign marked the safest trail we went on.

 Yep, another sign saying come on, walk here!

 A picture of the view from the 2.5 mile mark of the Nualolo Trail.
 One of my favorite parts was the luau that we attended. It was the Smith Family Luau and they had a beautiful gardens area to tour before a fabulous feast and finally an amazing dance show with live music. Our hotel had a buy one get one free coupon and we ended up only paying $86 for everything, which I thought was an amazing deal.

 Our rustic cabin up in Wiamea Canyon. The woodwork on the inside made the cabin look much nicer and I loved the fireplace, but they definitely needed to update their kitchen and bathrooms. It worked out really great to stay up here so we had more time to walk the trails and visit the lookouts before all the other people arrived. Shawn stayed in these cabins on his first trip to Kauai, so he wanted to try them out again.


A view on the trail we walked to see a waterfall. I love the rock archway.

It ended up pouring rain while we were on the cliff section of this trail which soaked us all the way through, but we did get to see 10 waterfalls on the opposite wall of the canyon. We didn't take a picture of them because we didn't want to ruin our camera.
Sunset in Kauai on our final day.
The only thing that we didn't take pictures of that I wished we would have was all the fabulous food we ate. Shawn and I are definitely fans of Ahi and Mahi Mahi. We had fish at least once a day. Our favorite spots were the Blue Dolphin which served amazing fish ($$$) and a small hidden bakery in Kilauea. The bakery had yummy soup, sandwiches and amazing chocolate dipped guave macaroons.

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  1. BEAUTIFUL pictures! You look really pretty in that orange dress! Glad you guys had a great time!