Monday, April 22, 2013

Earth Day

In celebration for Earth Day, I did some freezer cooking with my last three chickens from Boyum Farms and some veggies from our CSA share. I made four chicken pot pies and five quarts of chicken noodle soup. We still have quite a few veggies to use up and I'm so thankful that I can simple walk downstairs to our freezer and grab bags of already sliced/diced veggies to use for our meals. Today I was able to use up some onion, carrot, zucchini, corn, green pepper, kale and garlic.

Mid-morning, I loaded up my crew, plus this cute little guy to head out to the Meadow Farm Foods health food store to check out their Earth Day booths and free yummy samples.

 The kids stopped to color some items for the mural.

 Karolyn added quite a few nuts to the mural for a cute squirrel in the tree.

 Posing at the bird feeder booth. The kids really wanted to bring these home. We may have to get Nana to save us some coffee cans to make some bird feeders in our backyard.
The kids planted green beans and pumpkin seeds on their way out.

I didn't get any pictures of all the great food we ate because we were too busy eating!

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  1. Love all the earth day fun and those yummy veggies!