Tuesday, April 2, 2013


I'm so thankful that God has blessed our family who two sets of wonderful grandparents to spoil and help raise our children. When we decided to go to Hawaii, we hit up my parents to watch the kids for more than a week. Four kids, one crazy dog and homeschooling is a lot to ask of grandparents, but my parents were up to the task! They even got to play with LT one afternoon. I love my parents!!
Shawn's parents are on deck for our next trip! Hopefully we'll take another vacation before our kids are grown and out of the house.
 My parents with the kids on their final night in MN.
They don't look too worn out.

My mom did school with the kids while we were gone.
The oldest two kids were happy to show Nana the ropes and all their skills.
 Papa worked hard entertaining the youngest two girls.
Yes, that is a back messager.

 Nana cooked up lots of sugary treats!

 They even managed to drive the hour to Fargo for a homeschool field trip to the planetarium and miniature golfing.

 The Farris wheel at Scheels. I won't even do this!

 More sugary treats!

 Swimming at the hotel pool in town.

 Papa is always up for a good game of Catan.

 Kassidy loved bowling along with the other kids.

 Yep, more sugar. I think I see a theme here?

 They were even willing to put up with all the snow we still have.

 All this hard work so Shawn and I could take a little vacation and come back home to our favorite people in the world. THANK YOU mom and dad!

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  1. Grandparents are such amazing people!

    I love Kaylee and Kassidy in their little outfits! How adorable!