Friday, April 12, 2013

Just Another Friday

We enjoyed another Friday here in the Papon household. Shawn was able to take the day off of work and Lincoln was here so we had a full house today.
 We've been studying countries and cultures this year for school with the My Father's World curriculum and the science part involves some geology study. The kid's loved making volcanoes and watching them erupt.

 We do a lot of sitting on the kitchen table (sorry Kelsey and Matt), but everyone has to have a good seat to watch the experiments. We did try another experiment with dirt and toothpaste, but it didn't work. I guess the frozen mud the kids dug out of the backyard was too stiff.

 The kids, Lincoln and Shawn playing the backyard on this fine winter, I mean spring day. We are ready for warmer weather to arrive.

 We also took a quick trip out to one of Shawn's co-worker's farm to get eggs. They are on vacation and the kids enjoy getting to chicken sit. They collected the eggs, fed them corn and checked the waterer. We only found 3 eggs today, but we usually get 8 or 9.

 The chickens

 The crew, yes that is Kaylee outside the fence. She didn't really like being close to the chickens.

 All the kids enjoyed a quick turn on the rope swing.

 Kassidy and Kaylee got colds a few weeks back and Kassidy has been having a hard time at night with coughing, so we broke out the nebulizer that Kolsen used to use all the time when we lived in Wisconsin. Thankfully, the medicine seems to be working and she is sleeping much better and her coughing is definitely less.

Not in order, but this is how Kolsen was eating his breakfast.
He's starting to take after his mom and Papa Tom.
He loves reading Mike Lupica books.
We also did schoolwork down In the school room, but I didn't get any pictures while I was chasing the 5 kids around the house. In the evening, Shawn took the kids with him to the Men's health fair in town and I had a few friends over to craft. We made some really cute burlap wreaths and when I get mine complete I'll try to get a picture of it. Whew! I think we survived the week and we are ready for a relaxing weekend together.

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  1. Volcanos are so fun! The kids are already wanting to make them again.

    Farm fresh eggs are the best!! I bet that was fun gather eggs. My friend that we get our eggs from has so many hens at this point that she's gathering dozens and dozens a day.

    Hope you have a great weekend!