Monday, April 8, 2013

School, Wrestling and Homemade Pizza

It was another busy school week at our house. With all of our visitors gone and no vacation days this week, we are easing back in to our routine. The snow, which continues to cling to our lives this spring is allowing for lots of indoor time that we have been using to accomplish school work. I'm glad we've been able to accomplish so much school, but I'm ready for the kids to get some more outside time to wear off their excess energy.
 Karolyn is working hard on her AWANA extra credit book.

 Kaylee working on her Explode the Code book.

 The boys wrestling (or snuggling) on the couch.
Lincoln is such a joy to have around and he loves my kids and my kids love him!

 Getting ready to make homemade pizza!
They wanted pictures since they were each making their "own" pizza.

 Lincoln tried to make his, but he mainly ate all the ingredients, including the dough.
It had organic whole wheat flour, salt, sugar, yeast and water and must have tasted pretty good. I only let me eat a little before Karolyn made the rest of his pizza.

 Kaylee rolling out her crust.

 Kassidy and Kaylee adding their favorite toppings. We used tomato sauce, green pepper and onions from our Bluebird Gardens CSA share, hamburger and two different types of cheese.
Karolyn enjoying her almost NO cheese pizza.
She does eat tomato sauce with no problem, but doesn't like any other type of dip or melted cheese. Weird, I know.

Kolsen enjoying his pizza! Everything tastes better when you make it yourself.


  1. Mmmm! Looks yummy! We love making our own pizzas here too! I always used to add honey when we used whole wheat flour for the crust.

    Tell Karolyn that I know cheeseless pizza can be yummy, that's how I used to make mine when I was nursing Katie and Konny.

    Everything does taste better when you make it yourself! Processed foods have nothing on wholesome whole ingredients!

  2. Makes me hungry! Looks yummy, yummy, yummy! Garden produce is the best and you know where it came from and what was or was not put on it! I'm ready for ours to grow, but winter weather is threatening again!