Thursday, May 2, 2013

AWANA Awards Night

Whew! We survived another AWANA year and loved every minute of it. We are so grateful that the Crossroads Church offers this special program that our whole family can participate in it.
My AWANA crew with all their awards.
  Shawn did his leaders test this year and got a pin! Way to go honey! I am so thankful that my husband is willing to spend time teaching kids God's word even after he has finished working all day long. I'm sure our kids will remember this and benefit from it for years to come!
 Kolsen finished his 2nd T&T book which is a LOT of work and also did an additional 64 Bible verses to earn his Silver Award!

 Kolsen and the other kids who participated in quizzing were able to show the audience how the multiple choice section of quizzing worked. These boys did a LOT of work memorizing verses for quizzing!

 Kassidy was in Cubbies for the first time this year and will be in the same group next year. She loved going to AWANA each week and she loved her leaders Dan and Sue!
 Kassidy showing off her prize sack after she sang her Cubbies song on stage.

  Karolyn finished her 3rd and final Sparks book and will be moving on to T&T next year. I can't believe that I will have two T&Ters next year! She got a plaque for finishing all three books.

  Kaylee was in her first year of Sparks and finished her first book. She will be in Sparks for two more years.

No pictures of me sorry. ;) I spent most of my time as a listener, listening to the kids recite their verses, but I also did a lot of subbing for teachers when they weren't able to make it to AWANA, so got to get to know quite a few kids in different rooms. I'm already looking forward to helping out next year!

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  1. Way to go K kids! (and Shawn!) Good for you too, Carrie! I well know that moms aren't always in the spotlight, but often the backbone! Such a wonderful program available for your family!