Monday, May 27, 2013

Fishing Fun

Now that our weather has taken a better turn and it's starting to warm up, we have been busy working on lots of home improvement projects. Pictures of those things will be coming soon, but we've been busy trying to finish a few things without starting anything else. This was a holiday weekend so we tried to make sure we carved out some time to do some fun things with the kids.

After we finished up our projects (or at least got to a part where we could stop) we loaded up Shawn's leaky jon boat and his kayak to go fishing at Glendalough State Park. We have to take two boats because our family would probably sink Shawn's jon boat if we were all in it at the same time. This lake doesn't allow motors on boats so we couldn't bring our nice, new boat. This two boat arrangement usually leaves Shawn in charge of most of the kids and rods and I take the kids out one at a time for rides in the kayak. It was a little bit breezy so my arms really got a workout going to the far side of the lake and back. The kids had a blast and I think Shawn even managed to get a few casts in before we headed to Granny's Pantry for ice cream in Battle Lake. It was a great ending to a fun weekend!
 Karolyn's 17 1/2 inch bass. It was HUGE!

 Kassidy's fish. She loves to fish as long as we have snacks along.
 Kaylee had the second biggest fish of the day and we thought it was pretty big until Karolyn hauled hers in.

 Kolsen caught a couple and had lots of bites, but I didn't get any pictures of his fish. I guess he'll have to go back for that big one that got away some time without the girls and I.

 Kassidy and I in the kayak. My pants were really wet from her helping me paddle.

Shawn and Kaylee


  1. Such great memories and....some pretty awesome fish too! Looks like great quality family time! Can't wait to see all your photos of your home improvements!

  2. Looks super fun! We got a little fishing in with Uncle Pete at the pond a couple weeks ago, but it's been crazy windy here for the last few days. Tell Karolyn congrats on the whopper! :-)