Saturday, May 11, 2013

The Papon's Visit

It's been a week since Shawn's parents came to visit, but I'm finally getting around to posting pictures of their visit. They had a short visit this time because the weather was bad on Thursday when they were supposed to fly in. Who would have thought Kansas and Minnesota would be having snow in May?
Karolyn has been my reluctant writer, so we celebrated her writing some stories and poems by publishing her own book on Winkflash. Of course we had to print one for Nana Yvette since the stories were all about horses. She loved typing her story and adding pictures.

We managed to squeeze quite a few activities into our Saturday schedule. Our first stop was the Home Depot Kids Project Day. They have free projects for kids every first Saturday of the month. It was fun to have one helper for each kid!

After Kaylee's dance show we went to the Green Wing Fair put on by the Fergus Falls Fish and Game Club. We had to pay for the kids to get in, but adults were free. They had it at the community arena and both ice rinks were full of fun activities for the kids to do. dogs for lunch. I'm pretty sure the kids enjoyed them, the adults were hoping for something else. :)
Kassidy loved the blow-up obstacle course.

Karolyn hitting the hoops.

She was a dead eye at the rubber band guns.

Kassidy trying out the rubber band guns with daddy's help.
 Kolsen shooting a cork gun.

 Shawn helping Kolsen and Karolyn learn to use a bow and arrow. We may have to get some arrows for the bow that Nana Kristi got us this summer.

 They drew for prizes at the end of the event and all four kids won a prize. Kassidy won a PINK bb gun, Kaylee got a new fishing pole, Karolyn got a new T for baseball and Kolsen won a bb/pellet gun.
Papa, Shawn and Kolsen building a hen house. We've built quite a few of these and even put them out on wetlands.
 Kassidy was worn out by all the fun.

On Sunday, after church we stuck around the house and had fun playing games and crafting.

 Kolsen talked Papa and Shawn into playing Ticket to Ride.

 Nana and Karolyn worked on cutting out some horses for a quilt Nana is making for her.

 They also got our the ladder golf game. The weather was pretty cold and yucky the whole visit, but we managed to have tons of fun anyways.

 Enjoying our first bonfire out back. I'm going to have to stock up on smores stuff.

We were sad when Nana and Papa had to leave to go back home on Monday. Working is overrated!

 Karolyn, Kassidy and LT helped me drop Nana and Papa off at the airport. They had to climb in the plane and help push it out the hangar. Since we didn't have enough room in our van for everyone, Kolsen and Kaylee volunteered to stay home to get a head start on schoolwork

Pilot LT
 Kassidy and LT enjoyed riding in the plane while we pushed it out of the hangar.
That was a fast few days and we can't wait to see them again in July along with Eric's family.


  1. Did we really do all that in such a short amount of time? Wow! We had a great time as always - we always miss the kids as soon as we leave.... :-( But we can't wait to see you all again in less than 2 months! I know everyone will have a great time! Cousins will long remember time together.....

  2. Looks like you all had a great (and busy) time! I know the kids are looking foward to this summer!