Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The Snow and Ice are Gone!

The snow and ice are gone and we finally made it over to the lake this week. Shawn and Kolsen ran the two miles to the lake with Abby and the girls and I drove to the lake. The kids enjoyed dipping their feet in the cold water. We only brought one towel, so we tried to keep everyone fairly dry! Abby enjoyed fetching her bumper in the water, but no dock jumping this day because the dock and boat ramp were busy with the weather being so nice. After we played for a while, Shawn, Kolsen and Karolyn ran back home together (with the wet dog) while the little girls helped me get dinner on the table.

They can't wait until its warm enough to swim!

1 comment:

  1. Fun Fun! Way to run, Kolsen! I'm sure he's a natural! I love Kassidy's smile. Hehee. Too cute!