Monday, June 3, 2013

New Bathroom

When we moved into this house I was so excited about the finished basement and extra room downstairs for us to use for school. We did a lot of homeschooling in our basement classroom, but when the kids needed to go to the restroom they would have to go upstairs and for some reason it seemed like they were always getting lost on their way back down and would never return. Our old house in WI only had one bathroom for the six of us, so just having two bathrooms upstairs was wonderful.
In the winter of 2010 Shawn installed a toilet in our basement. Nothing else, just a toilet. It worked for us while we didn't have anyone else at the house. I knew where the kids were and they weren't able to disappear upstairs.
A year later in the winter of 2011, Shawn decided he was ready to tackle the rest of the bathroom project and we bought all of our supplies at Home Depot. Yep, a whole year later. We move slow around  and I'd like to think it's because there are too many fun things to do in MN. During the summer our weather was too beautiful to be inside and during the winter we're outside quite a bit too skiing, sledding and playing in the snow.
A picture of the toilet and the walls going up in Febuary of 2011.

AND the finished project!!!! Shawn actually finished his part a month ago, but it took a while before I was able to get over to Fargo to do some shopping for the décor. I've never really just gone out shopping for décor for a whole room before so it was exciting for me. Believe me when I say that most of the things on our walls are either family pictures of things that we have owned since we got married. We had all the money saved up for my purchases, which made it guilt free too.

  The window isn't finished yet, but we are waiting to replace this one and one other window in our laundry room. It's on our some day list.

 Built in shelving. I guess I need more stuff to fill them up.

It turned out better than I could have imagined and I'm always amazed at what my husband is able to do! He knows how to do everything! This was his first time tiling and mudding on drywall and both projects turned out fantastic. It must be that perfectionist tendency in him. I'm always thankful that he's willing to put in some much of his time and effort for projects to make our family's lives a little bit easier. I thank God for him every day! Thank you honey!


  1. Oooh it looks great! Good job, Shawn! Your decorating finishes it off really nicely, Carrie!