Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Soccer in June?

Our soccer season this year was a vastly different than last year. This year they had to postpone the start of soccer for 3 weeks because there was still a couple feet of snow on the soccer fields. Even in June the weather has been on the cool side.
 June 4th, the last day of soccer for the little girls. Nana and Papa were able to make it up to watch the last day. Doesn't it look warm?
 The kids all had a fabulous time and enjoyed playing this year. Shawn was Kaylee's coach this year so Kassidy practiced with them each day until it was game time. Kaylee surprised both of us by being an aggressive go-getter on the soccer field. In every day life she's more of a skipper and dancer, but when she was on the field she was always right in the middle of the action.

 Karolyn had a great time too and loved to play all over the field.

 Kassidy snuggling up to Nana while we were watching the big kids play.

Kolsen was super excited when he found out he had his favorite coach again this year. He really learned quite a bit about playing the different positions and ball handling skills this year. We're thinking that next year we may have to finally sign him up for travelling soccer.

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  1. Brrr! We had some soccer games like that his year too! Impressed with everyone's soccer skills! Get a few more kids and you'd have a whole team!