Sunday, June 2, 2013

Street Appeal

 We've been busy working on several home improvement projects for the past couple of weeks. Our screen door catches a lot of wind and the wind has broken 5 different chains and closers (I'm not sure what else you call them) and it also cracked the frame of the main door. A few months ago we special ordered a new screen door that we hoped would be able to withstand the wind. We decided if we were going to install a new screen door we might as well do the whole project the right away and replaced both the main door, frame and screen door.

This is a picture of our house right after we moved in. I can't believe how much the kids have grown in the past four years. Kassidy was only five months old and Kolsen was six. Time goes so fast!
The almost finished product. The screen door will have to wait until another weekend.
Shawn just finished adding wineberry shutters and a brand new door! Our old door was slightly warped and leaked air really bad in the winter. I can already tell that this door will make a difference in our heating/cooling bills for years to come. The kids painted the house numbers to match and I had to add some vinyl to finish the project.
 The view from the street. I love the color that this added to our all brown house.

Feel free to stop by anytime, even if you just want to stay hello.


  1. I have always loved red doors! I love the way it's changed the look of your house! Beautiful!