Monday, June 10, 2013

Throwing Rocks

Nana Kristi and Papa Tom are up visiting from KS for a couple of weeks. We love it when they get to come play and we can get in some quality grandparent time. They have been camping out at the park south of town and we've been visiting almost every day. I love that we have all these beautiful lakes all around town!
 We walked down to the fishing pier and looked for fish.

 We tried taking a picture, but the sun was in the kids' eyes. Oh well.

 The kids LOVED throwing rocks in the lake and watching the water splash.

Stand back!!! I had one rock zip by a little closer that I wanted.

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  1. Such a pretty lake! Our pond across the street doesn't quite compare, but we like throwing things in it too. Somehow soccer balls end up floating quite often! ;-)