Monday, July 15, 2013


So besides baseball, softball, babysitting, cooking, gardening, gymnastics, planning a homeschool co-op, visitors, training for a triathlon and cleaning you may be wondering what I've been doing with all my time? (okay, maybe not so much cleaning has happened, but everything else has been keeping me busy)

 I made the kids some new chore charts. I ordered some really cute magnets for Etsy and they have been shipped and we are checking the mailbox each day. My kids are actually pretty excited about these! The trays were $1 each at the Dollar store and I had the vinyl at home. I was hoping to hang them with ribbon on the wall, but I think they would have been banged around quite a bit, so I just hot glued some magnets on the back and stuck them to the fridge.

 I made a new wreath for my front door using part of an ice cream pail lid and strips of fabric that I recycled from a previous project.

 I created a couple of new couch pillows for our living room, since Shawn's dog ate our last two sets of pillows. I think she is finally past the pillow eating faze, but if not, she might not live if she chews on these new ones. I actually had all the supplies in my closet!

I finished sewing a curtain for Kolsen's bathroom so the dog isn't peeking in on people while they use the restroom any more.
I was so happy when Shawn's mom Yvette and I stopped in at a new repurpose shop in town and found this sturdy desk made from REAL wood and not cheap particle board. Took my beautiful thrift store desk from girly turquoise to...
 Jeff Gordon/Craftman red and grey with new silver knobs. Now all he needs is a chair and reading lamp and he'll be ready to do his school work.

I also painted Kolsen's room a lighter blue/grey with stripes to lighten up his room and used one of his favorite NASCAR flags to make a curtain for his window. I still haven't hung anything else up on the walls, but it will happen some day, hopefully not years from now.
I also spent a few days cooking allergy friendly meals for our nephews and niece who came up to visit us! We had a blast at a cabin up north with Shawn's parents and brother's family. I'll have to post vacation pictures on another day.


  1. Shawn said you were crafting... Your pillows are awesome! And Kolsen's desk is even better than before! It will be perfect for school. Bet he loves it! The trays are an awesome idea to keep track of tasks. I remember just having a piece of paper on the fridge with stars to add when tasks were completed... Cool stuff mom.

  2. I've seen the chore trays on pinterest. I love how you personalized them. I can't wait to see the magnets your ordered. Kolsen's desk looks great!