Monday, August 12, 2013

Another Crazy Week

It's been another crazy week at the Papon house. Summer is winding to an end and we are trying to squeeze in as many fun activities as we can. I can hardly keep up with the blog because we've been running around so much and then this weekend I was busy sewing up some new prairie girl dresses for camp this week. Whew! I may learn to say "no" sometime, but we are having too much fun and we don't mind if the dishes pile up a little.
 Shawn and Karolyn took a trip to the rodeo together.

 This cowgirl can't wait for horse riding lessons to start again this fall!

Kolsen's team competed in the championship game with Shawn volunteering as the head coach. They had a fabulous season with a great group of boys! Kolsen's favorite position this year was 2nd base.
 On Sunday we dropped Karolyn off for a slumber/birthday party in Ashby and then swung over and dropped Kolsen off at Inspiration Point Christian Camp for the week. It was pretty quite around here Sunday night.
 Monday morning bright and early I loaded up all the kids and a couple of extra ones too and drove down to pick Karolyn up. Then all the big girls went to prairie girl camp! Kassidy is pretty excited because we are going to be helping out on the sewing day.

 Last week during our garage sale these girls racked in the dough selling crystal light.

 And these girls had their own booth and prices!

We also saw these funny horses while on a drive out in the country on our way to a party with our friends. We had to stop and take a picture and when we left 5 hours later the horses hadn't moved and were still soaking in the pond. :)
I'm sure I missed more stuff because I didn't take any pictures, but I tell you we've been busy!
I'm getting pretty excited about school starting and I've got all my curriculum organized, the co-op I started is coming along and our homeschool WATCH group that I serve on the board for came up with some great activities for this coming year. It's going to be a fantastic year and we'll be starting next week or the week after.
We also did duck banding, but I'll save that for another post. 

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