Friday, August 23, 2013

First Week of Homeschool

A glimpse into our first week of school.
 The kids usually start doing school up in the living room on the floor while I'm finishing breakfast stuff and waiting for Lincoln.
These two girls were so excited to get their "new" math books! Kassidy is already on the 5th lesson and managed to do 15 pages one day.

 Karolyn's favorite subject is grammar.

 Of course we couldn't just be doing "normal" school work. We have to add in harvest events from our CSA farm into the mix. This week we processed two 5 gallon buckets of green beans, 1 bucket of large, flat beans and another 5 gallon bucket of carrots. Lucky for me I'm blessed with four helpers who love to do any chore that involves a sharp knife.

 I froze all the flat beans and canned 44 pints of green beans. After Shawn got home and I told him I was all done and he asked me what was in the big bowl on top of the fridge? Of course I had put a full bowl up there to get it out of the way and forgot about it. We decided to freeze the beans in that bowl.

 Counting to 20 using our math blocks.

 On Wednesday we took a field trip to the prairie to work on our nature journals.

 Each one of my kiddos has their own nature journal and Kolsen also has another journal that he likes to keep with weather information and soil/air/water temperatures.

 Everyone found a flower that they drew in their journals.

 Checking out the aquatic life during our hike. The kids like touching the duck weed and next time we are hoping to catch a water boatman. We'll have to pack a net in our nature backpack.

 Some people got piggy back rides. Next time I'll try and remember to bring my backpack to carry LT. The kids also want to eat a picnic lunch next week if the weather cooperates.

 Kaylee was impressed that the grass was so tall.

 This year we are studying creation through the Greeks so we'll be celebrating some of the Old Testament feasts along with our history. Karolyn and Kolsen have been busy working on our challah Covering for our Sabbath Celebration tonight. It will be a cover for our special braided bread.

 The little girls doing a craft. I was pressure canning beans on this day. My new hot plate holding my pressure canner is in the background. It worked a lot better than using the side burner on my grill like last year.

 Kolsen found a quite place in his room to do his reading one day.

We're adding on an extra science program called Apologia Zoology and we are studying flying creatures. This science experiment was to test our different wing designs on gliders.

 The little girls found another small spot to do some fun school. When I'm not making them do school you can usually find them playing school.

 A 5 gallon bucket of carrots all washed, peeled, slice and shredded. We ended up with 70 cups which should last us all year long.

 The kids have been busy climbing on the trees in our backyard and they said I had to take pictures of the locusts they found. We'll have to stop by the library for a book on locusts next week.
Kolsen and Kaylee's special challah bread we are serving at our Sabbath feast tonight.
We did manage to do a bunch of school work in the classroom this week, but I didn't get my camera downstairs.


  1. Man... I love that the kids all have nature journals, but even more cool is that they are drawing flowers, grasses, and maybe insects in their journals. Looks like you are all off to a great start! Love that the girls get to dress in their leotards! Papa would have liked to help with the gliders....

  2. So much fun all packed into one week! Thank you for sharing this, Carrie. I love being able to see what all the kids are learning about!