Sunday, August 25, 2013

One Busy Saturday

Did you know we have chickens? Well, not at our house, but we have some friends who have chickens and we are helping to raise them for meat. This weekend they were gone so the kids got to do all the chicken chores two times a day. I can't believe how much our cute little chickens have grown in 7 weeks. Next week we get to help butcher them. I'm sure that will be a learning experience for all of us.

This summer Shawn was Kolsen's baseball coach and he planned an extra experience for his team after the season. Our local minor league team the Fargo-Moorehead Redhawks allows one little league baseball team to go on the field and be announced each time they play at home. The boys and their families had a great time. The kids all got free backpacks and meals for attending the game and the team players also got to run out onto the field as their names was being announced and get a signature from a team player.

Kassidy before stitches.

 The girls watching Kolsen on the field.

 The Pirates waiting to be introduced! Kolsen is 3rd from the right.

 Kolsen standing by 2nd base.

The little girls like watching the game, but about halfway through we usually wander over to the playground behind first base to play for a while. We were there for about 15 minutes when Kassidy slipped off a monkey bar and landed flat on the ground with her head banging into the gravel. She hit really hard and when she lifted her face I could see lots of blood. I ran over and pressed my hand on her head to stop the bleeding while another mom ran to get help and a different mom used her phone to call Shawn and let him know what happened. After getting the bleeding stopped we decided a trip to the local hospital was in order and she ended up with three stitches in three separate cuts in her forehead. Poor girl! She was brave and didn't cry at all when they gave her the stitches (I'm sure the ipad she was playing with helped).
Our family is no stranger to stitches as we've had Shawn and Kolsen getting stitches in KS, Kolsen in WI, Karolyn in IA, Carrie and Kassidy in MN and Kaylee had glue on her foot in MN. Hopefully we're done with stitches for a long time!

We still managed to have fun, but next time I think we'll be a little more careful on the playground.

Kolsen on the Redhawk's field waiting for his player to sign his certificate.
The boys had a blast!

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  1. That is a really busy day and stiches on top of it! Kassidy looks like a trooper though!