Thursday, August 15, 2013

Prairie Girl Camp

I can hardly believe that this week is already over! Kolsen is still away at camp and we get to pick him up tomorrow. We did sneak over to camp and participated in their Christ Hike on Wednesday so we had a chance to talk with him for a few minutes. It sounded like he was having tons of fun, but I'm ready for him to be home again. 
The girls have been busy this wee attending Prairie Girl Camp. They had a great time! Each day had a different theme for them to explore and they came home grinning each day. The girls made strawberry jam, biscuits, laundry soap, a six patch quilt, fabric doll, applique project and they kept a daily journal. They also delivered goods to friendly neighbors, took a walk out at the prairie and took a trip to the library. I can't believe how much they managed to squeeze into four days.
 All of us came to prairie camp on Wednesday because it was sewing day. I helped all the girls sew their six patch quilts by hand and they did a fabulous job!

 My prairie girls! It was a busy weekend getting ready for camp. I managed to make 4 dresses (Karolyn's first one ended up being too big), 2 pinafores and 1 apron. Luckily we already had bonnets for everyone to wear, but I'm still hoping to make up some matching ones some time.

 The girls started their days with jump rope rhymes while they waited for the other girls to arrive.

 Filling out their journals.

 Corn bread and peaches for a snack.

 Kaylee showing off two of her quilt sandwiches.

 The girls thought square dancing was the best part and have been practicing in our front yard every day.

 LT decided to protect us from this wild pig with his gun. Shawn's grandma had sewn this Indian top for him when he was a little tyke and it fit LT perfect. He couldn't decide on being an Indian or cowboy so we did a little of both.

 Kaylee and Kassidy were partners for the square dancing.

 Their faces were filled with joy all day long. I'm hoping Laurie will do this camp again in the future because I know my girls LOVED it!

 Karolyn's first dress. I bought a size 7 pattern, but it ended up being a little bit too big. She'll have a dress all ready if we do prairie camp in a few more years.

 Kassidy choose to wear this dress for the first day. My mother made it for me when I was little. It's in our dress-up box and gets quite a bit of use. We also have two other prairie girl dresses this same size, so if you anyone is ever in need of prairie clothes we have plenty!

Kaylee, Katie (neighbor), Karolyn and Kassidy on the first day of camp.

A BIG thank you goes out to my fabulous friend Laurie for hosting this camp at her house each day. My girls will remember this forever!

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  1. This is sooo cool and I love the dresses! What fun and I agree, life long memories!