Friday, September 6, 2013

Three Weeks Done!

We survived our third week of school! I'm amazingly still on schedule with all the subjects that I plan out and there haven't been too many moments of tears at our house. We even did all the fun hands on projects and field trips suggested in the book! :)

I'm hoping with all our fall activities starting up next week that we can stay on task and still enjoy our days. Next week is looking a little crazy!  On Monday, Kaylee and Kassidy have dance and Karolyn has horse riding lessons, Tuesday is Kolsen's speech class, Wednesday is AWANAS for everyone, Thursday is Co-op for everyone and Friday is Kolsen's book club. Plus Kolsen is doing cross country with the 4th, 5th and 6th graders at the public school. None of these activities start until the afternoon so I'm hoping that we'll be able to fit all our other book work into the mornings before we start running around. Did someone mention that homeschoolers have troubles socializing?? Not us, for sure!

I still haven't found the exact daily format that I want to follow this year. I know that each homeschooling day looks a little bit different, but I like to have a general rhythm to the day so the kids know what to expect. I've been waking the kids up this year for the first time ever and that is still going pretty well. If they wake up grouchy one morning I just put them to bed early that night. I did have them doing all their chores in the morning as soon as they got up, but this week I decided to do some of my read alouds first thing in the morning before LT gets here so there isn't as much disruption. Then when LT gets here we eat breakfast and do chores. We've also been having to wait until LT is napping to do our science and history lessons which is hard for the kids since in the past we've always been done by lunch. We'll see which way I like better as time moves along and I think the kids are adjusting.

Kolsen is always diligent and is usually doing school work on his own when I wake up (or come in from running in the morning). He pretty much moves through all his school work by himself and only comes to me when he has questions or needs me to finish my subjects with him for the day. He is a joy to teach!

Karolyn is starting to be more independent and can complete most of her work on her own. She loves to help the little girls with their work and loves grammar and writing her friend Aza letters for writing class. Karolyn  finished up her math book and will be moving on to the next math level next week. YEAH!

Kaylee is growing by leaps and bounds and amazes me with her knowledge each day. She loves phonics and math and can whizz through multiple pages in one day. She also looks forward to her play breaks with LT.

Kassidy is so excited that she has "real" school books this year and is already on lesson 9 (out of 30) in her first math book. I didn't even give the other kids this math book until kindergarten so I'm going to have to find something else to keep her busy pretty soon. She also loves working on her Before the Code books and is on her second one. Her favorite thing to do is play with LT and make huge messes while crafting!

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