Thursday, October 3, 2013

All Dressed Up

 My girls all dressed up and ready for church.
As the mother of three girls I spend a fair amount of time each morning taking care of hair.
Karolyn is able to do hers all by herself most days and doesn't usually want anything done with her hair. I'm not sure where she got her thick, wavy hair, but it must be from one of her Nanas. I love her hair and wish she would let me do it more.
Kaylee has the same exact stick straight, hair that I have. If you even look at her she will get nasty tangles in her hair, not to mention what happens if she goes outside on a windy day without a braid. I use a lot of tangle spray on this girl! She loves to have her hair done and the more hair clips and bows the better. She's wanting to get it cut after it reaches her bottom, but I'm hoping she doesn't want it too short. So far she's only had two hair cuts and each time we've cut around six inches off so I know her hair will grow fairly fast if she chooses a short cut.
Kassidy's hair was jet black when she was born and we were excited that one of the kids finally had Shawn's hair color. It slowly turned lighter, but I think it is still closer to Shawn's dark hair than the light brown color the rest of us have. We were totally surprised when her hair started to show curls as it grew! She has the cutest little Shirley Temple curls you can see if she doesn't have her hair in a ponytail, which isn't very often. She loves to have her hair done just like her sister Kaylee. I finally gave in and cut a few inches off her hair this past week to straighten it up. The ends were pretty thin and the lengths had a lot of variation. I'm pretty happy with how it turned out. It seems like her hair grows pretty slowly which reminds me of Karolyn who was pretty much bald for the first couple years. Of course she wants long hair just like her sisters.

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  1. I love all their hair. You always fix it so cute! Katie's been wanting a cut like Karolyn's, but Daddy won't let her. She's hoping to convince him eventually. When Kaylee decides to get hers cut, she should donate it! Pantene will take 8 inches, but Locks of Love requires 10 inches. I've donated to both organizations and they send you a certificate in the mail when they get your hair.