Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Co-pilot Kassidy

Shawn's parent flew in for a few days on their way home from Michigan. We love it when our family comes up to visit. It was crazy to watch them on FlightAware (a website to where you can watch airplane flights) and realize that they flew in a straight line from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan straight west to get to us. We live up north!
The kids got to show off all their extracurricular activities, school and we even celebrated Nana's birthday. It's hard to squeeze in all our activities into the short amount of time we had to play.
We don't get back to Kansas to visit our families as often as we'd like to so you can imagine Kassidy's excitement when the stars aligned and she got to have her first airplane flight home in Papa's plane. She's planning on spending the next week visiting with both sets of grandparents and some of her cousins too. We miss her already and are counting down the days until next Friday when we will pick her up when we meet up with my parents and brother's family for a fun four day weekend in Yankton, SD.

Co-pilot ready for takeoff!


  1. How exciting! I hope we get a chance to see her!

  2. I have some cute ones of her in the plane too!