Friday, October 4, 2013

Duck Season 2013

Duck season is upon us once again. Shawn has been busy spending all his free mornings hunting.  He claims he has to get meat for his family. I'm just glad he enjoys this hobby. He spent opening weekend in Wisconsin hunting with an old co-worker and boss. I know he keeps accurate records of all his hunts and takes pictures, but he uses one of our old cameras and I've been too lazy to upload all the pictures to the blog. So just know it's hunting season and Shawn is having lots of fun.

Shawn went hunting this morning and when he got back Kaylee went out to talk with him.
Shawn: Kaylee, I got some ducks!
Kaylee: How many?
Shawn: I got 5.
Kaylee: That's NOT your limit.
Shawn: (shock and laughing)

Yep, my girls know a man's duck limit is 6 a day.


  1. LOL That's funny! Glad Shawn's been able to get plenty of hunting in. Eric and Kelton are headed back out again this weekend. Hopefully they get something.

  2. You gotta love the fact that they know all the rules of the sport... I'm sure I couldn't have kept it together..