Sunday, February 2, 2014

Another Busy School Week

Well, last week we got our new carpet! I'm so excited! It's perfect for life with four kids with all the speckles and it's so soft too. We've been busy doing school since we got back from vacation and daycare for LT (since his normal daycare lady has been sick). We've enjoyed having him back in our home again for these past three weeks.
 Kassidy's desk for the day! I love her striped dress and floral pants.

 Kaylee working on her clay volcano for science class.

 On Wednesdays we always get together with some other homeschool families to do field trips or fun activities. This week we went to the indoor ice skating rink and had lots of fun.

We also made it to co-op, story time at the library, book club, swim and gym at the YMCA and AWANA games day. We also managed to get in a lot of school work between all the fun.

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  1. Busy busy! Never any downtime at your house! Our next carpet needs speckles too. The children and dog have destroyed it. Skating looks so fun!