Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Warm Weather

We are so exited to be having a warm snap with weather in the 30s this week. On President's Day we did school in the morning and then spent the afternoon at Spidahls Ski Gard. The little kids have improved so much from last year and were able to do a lot more. The big kids did a couple of longer blue trails with Shawn and I and the little girls had a blast on the warm-up track and two green trails. It was warm, but the wind picked up in the afternoon so we tried to stay in the wooded areas. The conditions in the woods was perfect and we were able to unzip our jackets and take our hats and gloves off. We skied for an hour or so and then would head to the lodge for a snack and drink break. It was hard to believe that everyone lasted the whole afternoon without wanting to stop. 

 I'm always amazed at the beautiful countryside in Minnesota! We loved the hills.

 This was the best one of the kids together. I guess it's hard to smile when the sun is so bright.

 Heading up to the woods.

 Kassidy and Shawn
I wish we would have been able to take more pictures, but we usually crash on some of the hills so our camera is safer in the van!

School Time
The kids rushed through most of their school work this morning so they could head outside after lunch. What a beautiful day! We've got to enjoy it while it lasts because next week we are supposed to have days with highs of 5 and below zero. They'll play outside for an hour or so and then when they come back in for hot chocolate we'll finish up our last school subjects.

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  1. Looks like they earned some hot chocolate after all that skiing!