Saturday, March 15, 2014

Bye-Bye Hair!

Karolyn really wanted a haircut for her birthday. She's been talking about it for months and never wavered from what she wanted! She's been growing her hair out for a few years and I was a little bit sad to see it cut short, but her haircut turned out super cute! I knew as soon as Kaylee saw Karolyn's hair she would want her hair cut too and so a week later Kaylee made her trip to the salon.

 A picture from October of all the girls' hair. 
I cut 4-5 inches from Kaylee's hair after this photo before I realized she wanted to cut it all off, but she still had 11 inches to donate to Locks of Love! Karolyn's hair was a little short, so the beautician just cut off 7 inches. Maybe next time she'll be able to wait a little longer and donate her hair too.

The back view of the new hairdos.

I love how their haircuts turned out!

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  1. They look so old with their new haircuts! I'm so proud of them for donating! Beautiful girls, inside and out!